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Sports Nutrition Redefined

Posted by Liz Samson on
Person stretching before a run
There’s a glaring misconception that the title “endurance athlete” only applies to the Olympians and professional competitors you see on television. One look at any sports nutrition product on the market though, gives you the sense that it’s tailored to the hardcore athletes who can hold their own with Bear Grylls on a deserted island and run sub-five-minute miles in their sleep. For me, this played a big part in my hesitation to train for my first race. I didn’t think I fit that demographic, and so I shied away from that world for years.

When I finally mustered up the courage to go after my marathon dreams, it was an eye-opening experience for two reasons. The first was that I finally figured out the truth about endurance athletes: we come in all shapes and sizes, ages and experience levels. We train at different paces, in our own ways, whether it’s for a 10K or an Ironman.

The second was that race nutrition was limited. So many times during our long runs, someone would hand me a gel to try and the first thing I’d do was look at the ingredients. Nine times out of 10, I couldn’t even pronounce them. So I started thinking of ways to replenish energy naturally using simple ingredients instead of these complex, synthetic mixtures I knew my body couldn’t handle.

With Liss Energy, I want to take the intimidation factor out of sports nutrition for anyone else experiencing a similar struggle. Because professional athletes, while amazing, do not solely define what it means to be an endurance athlete, and scary, complicated gels don’t have to be the only option for energy.

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