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Launching Liss Energy: A Message From Our Founder

Posted by Liz Samson on
Three women holding a sign that says Liss Energy

Two days before the Chicago marathon last year, I was walking around the Abbott Health & Fitness Expo with my dad while we sampled healthy snacks from the vendors. As we were leaving, I turned to him and said that my next goal was to come back to this expo and others as a vendor with my own healthy snack for runners in the form of natural, great-tasting energy gels.

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as that. To provide a little more insight into how I reached this huge decision, I’ll give you an abbreviated version of my journey leading up to it. There are two things in my life that I can always count on to bring me a sense of joy and calm: running and cooking. In fact, long before I even discovered my love of running, I was an ambitious culinary student in the patisserie and baking program at Le Cordon Bleu and working part-time in a kitchen. So, even though the thought of starting a business terrified me, deep down I felt in my gut that I could do it. I wanted to offer endurance athletes another option for their nutrition – an energy gel created in a kitchen instead of a lab.

While developing and refining my recipes, I researched energy gels nonstop. The more I researched, the longer my list of requirements became for my own products. I knew they needed to be made from clean, natural ingredients and that they also needed to taste amazing, be easy on the stomach and stay shelf stable. After finally finding the perfect balance, Liss Energy was officially ready to launch.

Thankfully that gut feeling I had when I first decided to make this dream a reality has never wavered no matter how many challenges I’ve faced while getting this business up and running. I’m so proud of these products and this little startup, and elated to bring a woman-owned company to this market. I’m so excited for what’s next, and I hope you enjoy consuming Liss Energy gels as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Happy snacking!


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