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A Step-By-Step Guide to Reaching Your Summer Goals

Posted by Liss Energy on
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With a new season quickly approaching, new goals start to come to mind. Maybe you’re thinking of competing in your first triathlon this summer, or achieving a new personal best on your favorite course. Whatever it may be, and no matter how scary that goal seems to you right now, rest assured that it is absolutely within your reach! Today, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide to reaching your summer goals. We want you to focus on completing the smaller milestones that make up the big picture, and spend the season celebrating those little wins as they prepare you to crush your main goal with ease.

Step 1: Create a Mind Map

Think of this as an abstract outline and a fun exercise to get all your thoughts down on paper before you begin developing a plan. Write your goal in the center of a sheet of paper and circle it. From there, write down any key ideas related to that goal all around it. This could include anything from what steps you’ll need to take to achieve the goal or why it matters so much to you. Finally, from those key ideas, branch out even further so you can truly get to the “why” and “how” of the goal. Once you’re finished, the map may look a little messy but you’ll have a great starting point and a better sense of what’s most important to you in achieving your goal. Keep this handy and revisit the map over the summer any time you need to remind yourself of your "why." Also, feel free to continue adding to it over time! Sometimes goals shift or change, and this map is meant to reflect that.

Step 2: Set a Date

If your goal is to finish a particular race, sign up for it and lock in the date now – before you feel ready and before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it. If your goal isn’t associated with a particular date, then give it one. Write that date down so you won’t forget it. Mark it on your calendar and tell your family and friends so you can be held accountable.

Step 3: List All of the Smaller Milestones That Lead up to the Goal

Taking time to identify all the steps to achieve your goal is so important for maintaining focus and building up the momentum that will get you there. For example, someone who signs up for a marathon wouldn’t start their first practice run by attempting to run all 26.2 miles, would they? Nope; they’d ease into it, building on the miles and building up their stamina week after week until 26.2 is within reach. By breaking up one big goal into smaller, manageable milestones, you’re able to focus on specific, attainable tasks and will feel confident and proud as you complete each task.

Now comes the fun part. Put that plan into place and start working toward your first milestone. You’ll be amazed at all that you can achieve this summer!

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