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4 Yoga Poses to Help Improve Posture

Posted by Elizabeth Samson on
4 Yoga Poses to Help Improve Posture

How many of us spend a good chunk of time each day either sitting at a desk or hunched over a phone? I’m guilty of it, and as a result I’ve definitely noticed my shoulders start to slouch forward a little. Poor posture can affect everything from core strength to running form, so it’s good to take a few short breaks from all that time spent crouched over a screen throughout the day and stretch out those muscles.

I like to do these four simple yoga poses, which have all been shown to help with posture. If you’d like to give them a try, I’d recommend going over each one with a certified yoga instructor who can walk you through how to properly perform the move and even recommend other poses for your specific needs.

Cat Cow

This is one that I do each morning as part of my morning routine. Cat Cow helps strengthen and stretch the spine and neck through gentle movements while also providing a nice stretch for the core. In addition to the posture benefits, it can also help relieve stress.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is great for so many different muscle groups including the hamstrings, calves, shoulders and arms, but it also helps stretch the spine and strengthen the back muscles to improve posture. I love to spend a few minutes just peddling out my feet in Downward Facing Dog to get a slightly deeper stretch.

Forward Fold

This is ideal for lengthening and stretching the entire back of the body from head to heel. Forward Fold can help release tension in the neck and back, and when performed regularly, can also help increase flexibility.


This is a great strengthening pose for the glutes, shoulders, arms and spine (particularly the lower spine). Cobra pose also provides a nice stretch for the chest and can help reduce stress and fatigue.

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